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Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Costs

So You Want Whiter Teeth

It is possible to whiten your teeth at home using a whitening kit, but this is not the best way of doing it. The chemicals used in home whitening kits are strong and can damage your teeth, the results can be uneven and do not last long. Spending a little extra money to have your teeth professionally whitened is a worthwhile investment.

Working Out Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Costs

Professional teeth whitening treatment costs vary widely depending on the method used, how stained your teeth are, who carries out the procedure and where you live. As a result, it is worth doing your research and shopping around before committing to a treatment.

Make sure that the quotes you get state exactly which of your teeth will be whitened, include tax, the consultation appointment and a home maintenance kit. You should ask the practitioner how many shades lighter your teeth will be after treatment and how long your teeth will remain white. The different chemicals and techniques used by clinics produce different levels of whitening and affect how long your teeth will remain white, which is why you must ask those questions.

Asking the same questions for each quote will ensure that you are making a proper like for like comparison. If one quote is much lower than the others are, check that the practitioner is properly qualified and that their brand of whitening gel has been certified for use in your country. Using someone who is not properly qualified could lead to your teeth being damaged, so do your research carefully.

Laser Teeth Whitening Costs

The cost of basic laser teeth whitening starts at £300, but you can sometimes get it cheaper than that when the teeth whitening clinic has a special offer. The more expensive teeth whitening products produce more drastic whitening of your teeth, so can cost up to £1,000.

Some clinics offer a discount if more than one person signs up for treatment. Getting a small group of friends interested in having their teeth whitened at the same time as you means that professional teeth whitening treatment costs fall drastically. If four of you get the treatment together, you could pay as little as £200 each.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening lasts about 18 months, so clinics are interested in repeat business. This means that if you commit to repeat treatments they will often offer you a discount on your second treatment too. It is always worth asking. By following the instructions given to you by your clinic, you can make sure that your teeth stay whiter for longer, which reduces professional teeth whitening treatment costs further simply because you need fewer repeat treatments.

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