Cheap Dental Implants

There are many dentists advertising a variety of prices for dental implants in the UK. While the cheapest prices appear to range between £400 to £500 for a single implant, it is necessary to understand that there will often be extra fees associated with the total treatment costs.

Implant Fees

A single implant costs anything from £400 upwards and is largely dependent upon the quality of the implant itself as well also the skill level and experience of the dentist carrying out the procedure.

However, a titanium implant abutment and crown will also need fitting on top with these costing anything from £300 up to several thousand pounds each. Once again, this is dependent upon the brand, quality, and skill level of the dental surgeon.

The cheapest prices for the implant, abutment and crown begin at around £1000 for treatment in the UK.

The total cost of a single implant in the UK can vary from anything between £800 to £3000.

Multiple Implants

For multiple implants where several or all of the patients teeth are missing, there is usually a discount due to the reduction in surgery time. In this situation, many dentists will offer quotes dependent upon an individuals own circumstances however, they can cost several thousands of pounds for each jaw.

Some dentists are able to offer a one day treatment for multiple implants with prices starting at around £10,000 per jaw.

Dental implant patient

Further Costs

Patients will require a consultation visit with a dentist in order to assess their needs prior to treatment. Many dentists offer this consultation included with the costs however some may charge a fee of around £50. The assessment may include X-rays, CT scans, and an hygienist appointment, all of which can add to the total costs.

It may be necessary for patients to undergo preparation treatments in circumstances where, for example, there is not enough bone present. Bone grafting and gum grafting costs begin at around £300 each.

Root form implants, teeth extraction, and temporary fittings may also add to any extra treatment costs. Tooth extraction alone can be around £100 per tooth.


Patients should be aware that they may need further treatments after their implants have been fitted. Annual check ups and visits with the hygienist are usually necessary with prices beginning around £50 per consultation.


Many dentists offer 0% finance available to patients in order for them to be able to meet the costs of their treatment. This allows the patient to spread the total repayment costs over a period of time however, it is dependent upon each persons individual financial circumstances.

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